Language Course


Salama Tompoko,

When we first got to Madagascar we were told that we were going to have a language course, during the first 3 weeks of our stay here. After 2 days in Tana (Antanarivo) we went to Antsirabe, after 3 days of getting to know the town, we had our first Malagasy class. I had brought a new notebook, and I was ready to call my mom, and tell her that I was the best in the class.


The first class went so well, I felt like I was getting an A, and was ready to conquer Madagascar (we learned how to say “my name is”). In the next class, we had a new teacher because we were not getting our real teacher before the 3rd day of class, and it went pretty well. The 3rd class didn’t go as well, I didn’t feel like I understood what the teacher was really talking about. But I was still on the high from the day before, I was still ready to conquer Madagascar.


I was so ready to learn a new language and I was so excited, but I felt myself getting less and less excited for the classes as the days went on. I felt like everyone else was getting it, and I was the only one how had problems. But in reality was everyone struggling in their on way, because everyone has their own problems with learning a new language.


But in every class there was always something that I understood, it was not a lot, but for example I could answer a question the teacher asked, or when she wrote something on the board, I understood a word or two. I also felt like I understood more and more everyday, of course there where days where I felt like I didn’t understand anything, but when I looked back, I felt like I understand more and more everyday.


We are now done with language course, and I still have a long way to go with Malagasy. Something that I learned is that you should sett small goals, and not have the expectation that you will understand everything after a week, or even a month. But you just need to practice everyday and try your best.


Sincerely Solveig


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